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What is a mindmap used for?

As a tech entrepreneur, you've probably done a lot of planning, brainstorming and organizing, using different tools and methods to do so. It may be that you've come across, or even have used a mindmap for your brainstorming process.

But what is a mindmap used for, and how can it help you as a tech entrepreneur? Mindmaps are used to connect concepts and ideas to one other while looking for possible solutions to a problem.

How to use a mindmap

Let's say you have a problem - you want to explore possible ways to market your Saas.

With your mindmap, in the center, place which marketing channel you want to use. In this case, let's use Twitter.

Mapping around "Twitter", highlight ways of how you think Twitter can help you market your Saas. You might include points like: "Can reach many people", "Easy to add a link", or another point.

Now, you'll want to create another mindmap. This time, choose another marketing channel, like Google Ads. You'll want to place this in the middle of your map.

Once again, around Google Ads, "map" ways of how you think Google Ads can help you market your Saas. Once you create a collection of mindmaps, you can now see how to solve your inital problem: Marketing your Saas.

When looking at what a mindmap is used for, keep in mind that you want to "map out" concepts and ideas, helping you solve an initial problem. This allows your mindmaps to be helpful and effective.

Mindmaps are a great way to visualize your ideas. That's where our project brainstorming tool comes in.

Mind map examples

If you're wondering, "What is a mindmap used for?", you probably want to see some examples of how this can be performed. Earlier, we went over how you can use a mindmap to help you break down marketing your Saas. Let's look at another example.

You want to start creating content for your business' YouTube channel, but can't think of ideas of what to talk about.

How can you use a mindmap in this case?

Think of a topic that your business represents. For many software companies, this could be productivity, or saving time. Maybe you run an application where lawn care owners can manage clients, and you want to create tutorial videos for them.

In your first mindmap, put in the center, "tutorial ideas". Mapping around that initial idea, brainstorm good tutorial ideas that you think would be useful to lawn care business owners, helping them save time in their business.

Keep in mind, when looking for what a mindmap is used for, your mindmap does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple! Use them to brainstorm and explore any ideas that you may have.

How Swizo can help you create a mindmap

Learing what a mindmap is used for can be really helpful when breaking down ideas for your business.

With our brainstorming tool, you can mind-map different search queries, ideas and concepts, helping you brainstorm problems and solutions to those problems. This, in turn, will allow you to move forward with that idea for your business, as you have a clearer idea of what your goal is.

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