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How to get ideas for a startup

If you're an entrepreneur software developer/IndieHacker, or looking for become one, chances are you know full-stack development, and can code anything that comes your way. However, the next step, which you've probably been asking yourself, is coming up with startup ideas.

Is there an ideal method on how to get ideas for a startup? Two things to keep in mind are: 1) Is there already a market?, and 2) How familiar are you with the market itself?

Is there already a market?

The first important step in how to get ideas for a startup is to check and see if there is already a market.

For instance, if you want to build a client relations management tool for realtors, the first thing that you could do is look at the general CRM tools out there like Salesforce, Honeybook, etc.

Look at the key features they have, how they structure the app, the flow of the app, how the dashboard is designed, etc. You can use our idea board to brainstorm key points that you discover.

The next step in how to get ideas for a startup is to contact potential customers. Go to places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and realtor forums. An extra but wise step to take is to email, call, and visit realtors in person.

Talk to realtors, and see what they need. What are they currently using for a CRM tool? Do they like it? What don't they like? From asking questions like these, you will be able to see whether or not there is a market for your startup.

Checking if there is a market is one of the first things to do when searching for how to get ideas for a startup. Once you start working on these ideas, you will need a place to brainstorm them, and that's where our project brainstorming tool comes in.

How well do you know the market?

Another point to consider when looking for how to get ideas for a startup is how well you know the market.

Going back to the realtor example, if you know nothing about realty, or do not know any realtors yourself, it probably would not be wise to build a startup in this field.

One reason is that you will not be able to serve the market well, as you do not really know the pain points that realtor's face.

Yes, you can go out and ask them and collect responses, but it's always best to try and build a startup around a market that you have some sort of expertise in, so that you can better serve those customers. The more you know the market, the easier it will be to get ideas for a startup.

With our idea board, you can map out ideas around a central topic. For instance, you could start with a central topic "realtor app", and then brainstorm features that realtors might need.

How Swizo can help you get ideas for a startup

We realize that looking for ways on how to get ideas for a startup is something that many entrepreneur software developers and IndieHackers face. That's why at Swizo, we built a custom tool for developers like you.

With our brainstorming tool, you can create a project dashboard, where you can mind-map ideas and concepts related to your project. A process like this will help you brainstorm problems and solutions to those problems, helping you piece-by-piece stitch together a startup idea.

Interested in what Swizo has to offer? If so, click the link to learn more.

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