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How to come up with app ideas

If you're looking for how to come up with app ideas, you want to keep in mind the problem you are trying to solve, who your target customer is, and whether or not they need an app. Let's dig deeper.

What problem are you trying to solve?

One thing to know when looking for how to come up with app ideas is the problem that you want to solve with your app.

For instance, let's say that you've noticed that many realtors don't have a way to let people know when their showing times for homes are. You go and talk with realtors, and find out what they are currently using to show their showing times to customers.

You realize the problem, and then you bring your solution: An app where home buyers can see home showings near them.

When it comes to figuring out how to come up with app ideas, start with the problem first, and work your way from there.

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Who is your target customer?

Another important step in how to come up with app ideas is knowing who your target customer is.

Going back to the realtor example, it would help if you have some background of realty, or know someone who does. It's easier to serve people when you know their needs.

Since you know that your target customer is a realtor, now you need to put yourself in their shoes. What do they do on a day to day basis? What kind of apps do they use for their business? Is most of their work done on a phone or desktop?

Knowing who your target customer is will help you when looking for how to come up with app ideas.

Do they need an app?

A thirs step in how to come up with app ideas is whether or not your target customer needs an app.

Let's return once again to the realtor example. You've realized after talking with realtor in person, calling them on the phone, and speaking with them on social media that they all have trobule letting people know when they are having home showings.

However, could an app really solve this? Would home buyers download an app just for this? Would your idea work better as a website, or maybe plugin that realtors can install on their website?

As you can see, when looking for how to come up with app ideas, knowing whether or not an app is the right solution is something to consider.

How we can help you come up with app ideas

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